Wednesday, 21 September 2016

23 ending seasons of summer cheer

#tv Summer endeth...
Andy Murray won Wimbledon
Serena Williams won Wimbledon
Hamilton won Silverstone
Tim Peake came down to earth inspiring a new generation & his referendum postal vote has just got in. But he was just a floating voter haha
Chris Froome won the Tour da France...again :)
Juno got to Jupiter and it tells us the storm is really big

Wales got to the semi finals in the Euro's, Gareth Bale is a new national hero
Solar plexus plane landed. I mean the Solar Impulse plane completed round the world trip
The new Tate modern building opened...paid for by those people who never bothered voting in the referendum. They were fined £10 each which helped pay for it.
Cornlia Parker Psycho Barn :
Vicky Balch is a stunning survivor...and a new Victoria's Secret model.
Finding Dory?...but I can't remember who she is or what it is about
Star wars VIII has recently finished filming
Alien Covenant has recently finished filming
The Cursed Child...I saw the play by taking out a £3,000 loan. Then I found out the book was selling at half price for £10. Bargain
The Living and the Dead - spooky goings on
Rio Olympics : Super Saturday II & Sensational Sunday ! Max whitlock, Lewis Smith, Mo Farah, Justin Rose, Andy Marray, Jessica Ennis, Jason Kenny, Usain Bolt & the 400m record
Christ the Redeemer
Bradley Wiggins
Laura Trott
Simone Biles
Michael Phelps - 23 GOLDS
Helen Skelton (not only did she have to cover up but also all the swimmers..)

Now no news lighten the load

The drugs didn't work? Included Kenyan and Russian athletes. Highlights the fact no-one has heard of energy drinks.

Liquid gravity
Who would of thought bottles of water could be so much fun?

National Treasure train spotter
Corbyn steps down this weekend with humility and is offered a fashion icon stint with Sports Direct that his fan club buys shares in. He may not have bothered to sit in an empty seat on a train...but at least Virgin trains are more popular.

Carbon free paper
Brexit means by 2020 farmers subsidies will end. Allows thousands of farms to be overrun by un-vaccinated Badgers who aren't swayed by environmental issues cos that department doesn't exist anymore.
Greenpeace energy funding in a new govt

Shipping Waves
China and Russia head out for joint ops in the S China Sea. Britain is Warship ready with boats at port cos the engines don't like warm weather. Proves we are the rulers of the waves : well, not so much of the sea variety more Airwaves. Our Pop, Rock & Indie bands are proof of that. National Anthem should be Land of Hope and Glory...

Theresa May Selling off the National Grid : 51 percent stake in Britain
Hinkley C got the'll probably bust up EDF but we won't offer up a British Nuclear blueprint that is any better - one that does not involve the Chinese. (Not including possibility of S. Korea building one in Cumbria but at least their nukes don't point at us and aren't rude to our ambassador...) Still at least you can get high engineering standards from China rather than a design as yet untested. (Plus lots of steel too)

Australia & USA welcome Chinese Nuclear power on their soil. True or false?
Otherwise we'll use a giant windmill and geothermal vents (powered by hot air from the EU and the Republican President nominee)

Dishing out broken shells of the free press
Apparantly Turkey Roast is off the menu this Christmas? Now that really would cause a National coup

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Monday, 8 August 2016

Saffron Walden Gallery

Cambridge Scenes & Nostalgic Cornwall

Susan Isaac - Cambridge Scenes

Capturing the raw beauty of architecture & design, Susan Isaac brings a timeless quality with a true essence of the place to her oil paintings

Above painting, 'St John's College from Trinity Street' recently won a
Windsor & Newton award, artist quote below.

 'When I chose the viewpoint for this work, I was partly drawn to the architectural majesty of St John's College with its castellated Tudor Great Gate, contrasting with stone buildings to left and right. However, my eye was particularly caught by the all-pervading bicycles corralled in groups along the broad pavement ahead of me, with the fine spokes of the bicycle wheels echoing the crisscrossing of winter branches that lace a late afternoon sky. A lowering sun sends a shaft of Indian yellow into the centre of the painting, which, along with the line of the kerb helps to draw the eye in and along the curve of Trinity Street.'

Susan Isaac Paintings

David Axtell - Nostalgic Cornish Summers

David Axtell's oil paintings have the ability to transport one back to the long lost summers of yesteryear, capturing the innocence, magic & freedom
of Cornish holidays 

David Axtell Paintings
Copyright © 2016 The Saffron Walden Gallery, All rights reserved.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Scorchio! Paula Fisch 
Fast showing : Sitta que esto umbro umbro Scrometti skitty skitty notch notch. Botox!

Friday, 1 July 2016

Coldplay up and up

GET IT TOGETHER...unlike the England Football Team.

Never give up on hope...somehow. Who's got the answers, singing in the rain, put two and two together, ignoring others pain, living in a high rise, sleeping on the floor, who's mowing the meadow, listen to woeful echoes, tell it to a clown, who wears the crown, arise with impunity, cut down with scrutiny, receive what you give, put money in a sieve, put back what you take, eat from an austerity plate, drive a fast car, get drunk in a bar, reflect on a mirror, see a hollow cheer, slow down your thoughts, appeal in the courts, drown in others sorrows, pour holes in tomorrows, revolt for insanity, rebel for solidarity, vote for self-determination, deal with consternation, steal from the poor, exit through a fire door, race for banality, divide by personality, share what you gain, keep what you've got, accept more of the same, stand up for a moment, see a nation broken, buy the same token, fall to the moon, dig in with a spoon, push and pull, on and on...up & up

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Don't count your chickens before they hatch

DAYDREAMING : READ THIS AND WONDER how we got thus far...and in Cornwall

800,000 potential voters...couldn't register on their household iphones. Democracy at work.

There was a man from Kettering
Who spelt his name in bad lettering
He looked to the sky
formed an opinionated lie
and now he's formed a new ministry


700,000 expats not allowed to vote. (Ironically you lose your vote if you leave Britain...democracy at work)

Don't panic Mr Mannering! 
Callous humour would have been the same if we'd remained : Laughing in the aisle by John Oliver
'Allo! 'Allo! govt now about to repeal the 1972 treaty of Accession - next Denmark and Italy. I bet just as were about to finish negotiating our way through the EU in seven years time the EU won't actually exist in it's current'll reform to survive without us. At least we have the 2017 Presidency of the EU Council to look forward to. (July-December...maybe Estonia will have a go)

Stop press : A Nation with courage stays loyal to it's friends in times of trouble
Conservatives will disregard the Scottish votes...? Their mandate comes from the rest of the UK and not from the SNP. Take the Scottish remain votes from the total 16,141,241 - 1,661,191 = 14,480,050 and the same for Leave 17,410,742 - 1,018,332 = 16,393,410. That's a leave vote at nearly 2million or 6% majority. More or less the same percentage of Labour MP's who want Jeremy Corbyn as their leader.

Forwards : United Europe vote for unity, vote for community not disunity
Strategically important country with high levels of world influence and a fragile emerging post recession economy...rallies together in solidarity and joins Europe. (1973)
Strategically important country with high levels of world influence and a fragile emerging post recession economy....rips itself apart and exits Europe. (2016)