Friday, 21 October 2016

Inland Arts Festival : Prospect CMR

21st PV 6-9pm - 23rd October CMR Prospect

Alongside the Inland Festival with the 'Future of Redruth' as it's theme.

Future Yardsticks
Future Yardsticks (Graph of Growth & Happiness)
150cm x 280cm
Willow sticks painted red
Copper wire (neutral blue) with woollen text representing the link between future growth and well being...

Dagmara Przybysz
Lost Future portrait Dagmara Przybysz
Oil on canvas

After the tragic news this May of a young persons death at a local school.
Dagmara Przybysz was a beautiful, bright and creative 16 year old student with a very promising future ahead of her. She was passionate about fashion and photography.” said Zelma Hill Head of Pool Academy.
Dagmara, originally from Poland had been living in Redruth for eight years.
A tribute was organised soon after her passing. Family and friends attended with many of them wearing red which was Dagmara's favourite colour. 

Fracking future(s) & Mexican Tower
Fracking Futures : Communist opportunities (text)
A4 colour copy
Future Del Monte Tower (artist impression structure)
Size A4 colour copy (future menu)
mixed media 

Text I (left)

Future Red Industries, Exploitations, migration & immigration opportunities


Redrooth is twinned with Solnechny in Krasnoyarsk Krai (a federal subject of Russia) Solnechny is a Copper mining town in Siberia
The Krai is among the richest of Russia's regions in natural resources. Eighty percent of the country's nickel, 75% of its cobalt, 70% of its copper, 16% of its coal, and 10% of its gold are extracted here. Krasnoyarsk also produces 20% of the country's timber. More than 95% of Russian resources of platinum and platinoids are concentrated in the Krai.

Solnechny represents one of the largest copper reserve in Russia and in the world having estimated reserves of 1.92 billion tonnes of ore grading 1.17% copper

Our beloved leader gives YOU the people's of Redrooth the opportunities to live and work in exile in Siberia. Futures investment contracts have been banned. Collective socialist oligarchs have risen from the ashes to form a newly risen Red Phoenix of wealth & exploitations.

RUSSIA. The Red State helping you to become a member of the European People's Republic. 

BY ORDER & BY Communist DECREE : Includes Red China, Red Brazil & Red Corea


Text II

A future alternative menu (of sorts) Available from Red River cafe, Red Rooster Cafe, Red Rock Pub & The Scarlet Inn

choughed pie : original Cornish bird baked in a pie
red cherry bite : cherry's in a saffron bun
windlass biscuits : sweet & delicious (homemade recipe)

'Let's paint the town red' burger : Hot & Spicy with lots of chilli
'Kiddleywink fries' available as a side : Small, medium or big
'Badger hole' Like Toad in the hole but with a Cornish sausage with red-eye gravy

Blackberry Espandades : Real mexican flavour with a hint of chilli
Red Ruth Choc-o-bomb : Like Death by chocolate but packed with Cornish strawberries

Drinks : Available from local home brews or via the Copper Inn
Moonshine Mine Ale, Red River Ale, Shake Rag cider
Ruth Red Moonshine aka Moonshine of Red Ruth
R&R Rum (you get plenty of rest and recreation in every bottle)
Ruby Jack Whiskey , Black Jack Whiskey
Red River cocktails, Black Jack cocktails (secret ingredients)

Vent Tea (geothermal) : There's plenty of water down 'ere and it's hot! We've put it in a cuppa...the old way via a windlass


Celebrations : Red River Day   A3 text (left)
History in the making : The Astronomers View   A3 text (right)


A Carnival atmosphere radiates from the town as folk both young & old dress in Red and herald in the summer. Local chefs cook all things Rouge and with it come the famous Red Pastes which are a unique delicacy common to this area of Cornwall. Students from the college & artists create 'the Indian Holi festival' & everyone puts on their red shoes and dances to the music of the day.
Redruth in Bloom is very much a family affair until the night draws in and the revellers eager for the local Red River Ale, Moonshine Mine Ale and Ruby Jack cocktails enliven the balmy evenings air into a joyful rowdy mix.
As a visitor to the day(s) festivities you get a real sense of the impact migration had and it's a global contribution to other communities and nations wealth. Redruthians and the Cornish celebrate the culture that they witnessed by their forefathers. The exotic stalls of foods, song and dance reveal the extent to which the travelling Cornish emigrated.
'Cousin Jacks' are the branch of local wrestlers who hold championships around the world. And they put on a fine performance. R.E.D the local rock band making headline news with their new video 'casablanca' are a hit. The open air stage is all set for tomorrow's Play '$10 dollarhouse' exported from the USA. A tale of friendship and determination to revitalise a town with a restoration project. It's this dogged determination and true grit that have helped the spiritual fortunes spread to these pioneers of the west.
Today you get the impression the new solar parks, geothermal springs, technology Industry, colleges, locally sourced and international foods (Nathan Outlaw's Mexican themed nights in Redruth on fore st come highly recommended) all garnish a recipe that sends out a positive legacy for the future. 



Cornwall's desire to dig deep has paid off over the last fifty years and now progressed into the heavens of Space.
The collaboration with the European Space Agency and the SDSS Institute in mapping of the Universe have all helped to internationalise the scope of work here in Cornwall's Heartlands.
Unique metal plaques that map the universe adorn local classrooms (each hole represents a known galaxy – thousands of these plates were made & distributed to other countries)
The mining expertise has again come to fruition as two Cornish 'space pioneers' have achieved their ambitions to 'mine' asteroids. Michael Trewith and Mowenna Bassett space scientists and engineers at the science park (Redruth University Bristol) who helped to land Europes seventh spacecraft on a comet have recently come back from a visit to the Earth Zone Centre in the USA where flights to and from the Moon have garnered interest in attempting to exploit the minerals of our closest neighbours.
'This has been our dream since we first saw the landings on Mars and to travel in Space. Tim Peake was an inspiration to me back in the early days of the 21first century' explained Michael. They both fund a research centre devoted entirely to the exploitation of the asteroid belt.
'We want to create a positive outlook to the World situation as our natural resources here on earth have plummeted. And to expand our horizons by being the first venture (jointly run via the Space hub of the UK) to capitalise on these floating assets high in ore, zinc, gold and titanium' said Mowenna.
There will be a competition for a few lucky children to experience weightlessness at the Space centre. Just one of the ways they hope to inspire a new generation...

room view

PROSPECT Background

Redruth is (really) twinned with Real del Monte in Mexico and the Cornish introduced football and built a Cornish tower on a Mexican Church. And In the USA at Mineral Point Wisconsin 'the Badger state' where miners would dig out their temporary 'digs' from the hill sides and dig small ‘Badger holes' as they were called to find the lead. And so the Cornish gave the name to the state.
In Mineral Point USA there is a graveyard with many Cornish graves - these have all been placed to face toward Cornwall England UK . Apart from one (A clown) who lived and travelled throughout the Americas...

'Cousin Jacks' travelled extensively from Cornwall to the mountains of Latin America, the Transvaal, India and from California to Canada. Large communities gathered in some areas : the 'Copper triangle' on Australia's Yorke Peninsula became known as 'little Cornwall'; and in the 1890's it was estimated that in Grass Valley, California over 60% of the population was Cornish.
In Bendigo Victoria after the Gold rush, Cornish miners also set to work digging out quartz. They kept goin' : Sloan Digital Sky Survey. There are opportunity's for the metal discs used in scanning/mapping the universe to be sent to educational establishments. : Allows you to participate in astronomical and earth bound scientific projects

Future comedy... 
Comrades of RedRooth are invited to spy on each other and to listen out if anyone is sarcastic about any of the Leaders's of the Communist Party. Anyone found to be telling jokes of this nature will be kept in solitary confinement until further notice. 

ps If it's a good one, we might write it down & pass it on to that guy Kim Jong Un  

only a jape

Frugelumpshok cackles aka laughing with a mouthful of crisps. It's no joke..salt and vinegar flavour are the worst.

No sense in talking to the birds in the trees. Birds don't talk. You sing to them. I ain't got no songs and I can't sing so I played them the new Chemical brothers album and that got rid of them.

Beg your pardon
I don't want your change. I want Bitcoins

Listening post
I wrote a letter to my MP and told him about my desperate need to start smoking again and that it would be good for smoking to be allowed in schools, pubs, hospitals and airports as I think these most repressed social skills have been missing for such a long time. If Grammar schools are being brought back in I thought it only fair that we should bring back old habits that are being lost. And then we can all be blamed for being a burden on the NHS and not by those just in the top 10% who've joined BUPA

Speed of thought - Fay de aya
No doubt you think I've got my head in the clouds. Too right...I love the sky and I travel on a supersonic frisbee. Forever in Guangzhou skies.

VAT : Value Added Trump. Why? Because it's gonna cost you 20% of the vote
People like to hurl abuse usually to their TV screens. It's called Hurling. It's considered a national sport across the States. If you can stop yourself from vomiting, land on your feet and use Trump as a scratch post then you are a winning cool Cat. Why do you think he sniffs every time he's near Hilary. He's allergic. (Trump may be a sore loser but he's still got nine lives..what a J Cat)

Your bard
Guinness is the fuel of the Gods. Lager is the Devil's Ale. Whiskey is for Saints. Rum is Fun.

Farmed animals are mostly herbivores, which means they are vegetarian and I only eat fish
I also wrote to the RSPCA and told them Animals should be locked up in prison for their sadistic practices and their unholy matrimonious shortcomings. These creatures kill young animals, they disrupt my bins, I see cats killing birds, spiders eating flies, bats eating spiders and on television it's even worse. Those lions should be locked up and how the devil do we allow children to watch nature programmes?  Fish, insects, mammals, worms and mice are allowed to be used as TV fodder, in the name of entertainment!! Animals should be banned. It's a disgrace. Yours, truly annoyed.

Walk and don't forget your Oyster card
London Black Cabs verses Uber? Now they can...using face recognition apps. Match your profile to a credited face of a London Black Cab driver and begin the new merger with Uber. #Hailacab app using your hand and for a heritage driver you get someone who knows his/her trade & enjoys a tirade against the incumbent Government.

(And a driver who actually understands who they're working for)

Woeful pedigree of news reporters - Reality bites
Strange internet sensations filter through from 'gossip-chant' vlogs and published moving talkies? What does this mean?  The media Promoting Pomposity over Personality and that's just in the US Presidential Elections. What a Circus.

Food appropriation
Post Brexit. Black puddings won't be banned or Pasties...enjoy your morning Croissant while you can. Those days are numbered. Includes Marmite from Tesco's. Good I only like Jam.

Defenders or Aggressors. Join the club
When War is catchin' it's called Waritus...some sides get really annoyed when it's their turn to bomb. They get jealous and go to their UN teacher to complain.

Idiotic Syndrome In Syria aka bombing and killing indiscriminately

A&E procedure
There's no cure for the NHS...don't take pills. The NHS needs rest, a week off work, plenty of exercise and a day on the golf course. And that's not contradictory. Junior doctors can't live like battery hens, patients should never operate and yet we all enjoy a free range service. So long as there's no bed blocking.

Use your mind to tell your muscles what to do - it's called dancing
Obviously if you have muscle pain and are on too many headache tablets & codine then you need more exercise, go to a yoga class, eat only vegetables for a month and learn to do PE like you did at school. Don't forget to drink plenty of water.

Post Brexit
Pot bellies are banned by the NHS & smokers. Doctors receptionists will never ask you what your private medical condition is and A&E depts will still give you instant medical feedback because Doctor's surgeries are closed after work.

Post Brexit
Pulled Pork is all the rage in Schools, it's available in Subway and in Hospital canteens which is cool for teenagers. Nurses who treat 'customers' at weekends in the A&E because you're inebriated isn't. You are now banned...for life from using the NHS. Unless you sober up with 2 pints of water

London calling
Blackberry's go under! No more Blackberry messenger? They are no more...which means we are less likely to have another London Riots

Gillette the best a man can git 
In the end the most cost effective way of defeating the enemy was by handing out free (safety) razors. No beards meant no war. Brill. Who knew it was that easy?!

Cafetiere Society
Internet cafes used to be all the rage, now people drink coffee in cafe's, are connected to the internet all the time and get in a rage if a) there's no wifi b) slow internet c) the latte has too little froth d) mocha's aren't available

Women's right to an iphone 7
Women in the Roman Testament world such as Deborah, Rachel, Hannah & Abigail were considered prophets of note. Included Mary who had a first wise words said to her by Jesus after his resurrection. Junia was an Apostle and Phoebe so you know women have always been equal and boy can they talk and anyone telling you otherwise would probably come from misogynist or sexist types of Man or Monks translating to fit the rulers of their age. Who knew Philogyny was everywhere in religious scripture or is it just in the modern age?

'Boo!' said Trump as he stepped out from a bush
Clowns...all the rage? Scary aren't they. Boris Johnson has been one for ages.

Enjoy being this moment.
Stand up to Cancer, tooth decay, obesity, fructose, Marmite, Dracula, killer dolphins, Joe Pasqaule, guns, nuclear weapons, coffee flavoured chocolate and sparkling water. And have a sense of humour - you're going to need it. Oh and by the way good luck seeking love - but not on Tinder. (It works miracles though)  

Bonds Insurance Warranty 
End to Austerity by Theresa May?! At last we'll now pay off the debt by taxing those derivative's futures by speculating whether it's a viable option to create a levy on the millions of Hedge fund transactions. There's billions every day right there.

Vote Hilary to stave off moving North  
Are Canadians ready for American migration from a Trump win? Quebec is a decent place so long as you can speak french. Vancouver's out of the question since the Foreign Buyer's Tax...head for Montreal before any price hikes.

By up Town : Frank Wu very much
More flights between China and UK? Equates to more real estate for the Chinese to buy. However I still enjoy a Chinese takeaway. It's just the Chinese enjoy a British takeaway but it's not quite the same thing.

Touch smell and feel books...desire is good. You can read them too and use your hands to turn the pages.

Do you know Cattle are sacred in India...I bet they don't have Badgers

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Rogue Nation : Have I got (old) news four you Chilcot

Armchair politics from a Tome of a report writ by a parliament of mad owls  
Doyouknowwhatimean : revived revisited reworked reedited revamped retuned retweeted

deal or no deal?
Don't look back (in anger) cos you know what you might see; floating on a murky river awash with flotsam in a desert storm that turned into a monsoon hurricane.
RESCINDED Security : aka Political Double Speak. Basically people were annoyed because Invasion plans weren't ever mentioned in the Labour Manifesto. While the US had the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998. And a President willing to carry it out. And when Bush was President you all knew it was gonna happen regardless.

2016 'It was MY decision to invade' said Blair. (Bush & Blair will visit Iraq in 2023 for the 20th anniv and dine out on Masgouf in the newly built Restaurant, you know the one they thought Saddam was dining out in, that got blown up a day or two before the fall of Baghdad)
RESPONSIBILITIES of State : 2003 'I want to cause chaos, if not a worse situation from a policy of containment. (and a no-fly zone) Trust me I can screw a country up better than the film Clash of Loyalties. And more to the point I'm bored with nation building in Afghanistan, it's only been 16 months. We won there and in Bosnia & Kosovo so I'm keen on another afront' Ignoring the fact he had a cabinet who had a collective responsibility to decide upon such matters & a one man legal team to topple a regime. It still got voted thru Parliament on some questionable intel hence the reportage...duh.

USS Cole, Clinton's retaliation and Unocal pipeline
'Look I know all about the Taliban and believe you me in 2000 I had to not only deal with the Y2K bug, foot and mouth, the lorry oil protests & the Afghan families & hijackers at Stansted. Was that incident (an internal Afghan flight redirected to the UK) a clear sign of the desperate state of the Afghan people at the time? Look I'm not privy to that kind of knowledge any more than knowing what history will make of my actions.'

'Any fall in oil price will negate on a re-emergence of a robust Iraqi post sanction reconstruction' said Bush and he should know being a Texan. I wonder which market feeds those index's...OPEC. At least barrels will be $60 soon.

One of his favourite books is 'Terror detentions and the rule of law' by Robert H Wagstaff

Nukes in N. Korea. (That's surprising) Pakistan nuclear submarines made by China, anyone for a holiday in Gwadar ? Well at least we can blockade N. Korea, take out their nuke factories and not worry about Pakistan, Iran, Saudi or Sharia interfering. Extremism would be soooo passé and will give everyone a much needed break. Plus Communism is easy-peasey to understand and it doesn't just fail it falls.  
How this relates to the 2001-2 Pakistan & India standoff over Kashmir is ? Blair did a good job diplomatically to help end the escalation. Instead of arguing over Kashmir, those Nations have half a million troops each and would of helped in the tribal, ISAF and the British forces area of deployment in Helmund in 2006...or maybe not.

Operation Herrick & Telic. It's always been a question of securing economic triangles of security & growth : The Malayan Emergency was something to try & learn from...there was also a Marshall plan for Iraq but we've already spent the money
Cameron learnt from history before deciding to go to war and Blair made history by letting history decide the future...of conflict.

Wearing RED scarfs for Freedom : Women's self determination...
Syrian people FREED in Manjib & soon Raqqa. At least there's the Kurdish vote to look forward to - before the US election. As Turkey heads further south skipping and holding hands with the YPG along the way. The peace plans for the future are in a safe storage house somewhere.

Which proves our referendum was not much really to get annoyed about? As the EU flounders in our wake. But not Europe or the Pound obviously. Now cheaper to come to GB on your holidays. Bonus.
However since all this hullaballoo we now employ a new religious police to enforce Blair's alleged use of faith with a code of ethics and fashion laws that combine a Sanskrit tattoo fixation currently vogue in the UK. Where both women and men must wear skinny tight jeans because they are sold in a shop. More importantly it was promoted long ago by Jesus's sister Mary; who was named after her mother. She had her own instagram account and was Yeshua's PA. Denying newspaper allegations of zero hour contracts at the time and funding tax havens in America (though 2000 years ago no one seemed to know about that continent) Before the Last Supper Jesus went surfing in Australia and Cornwall. He was on tour chilaxing. In no way did he sue Andrew Lloyd Webber for Jesus Christ Superstar. The Royalties fund his charity work. The truth in this was conveniently written down in a Roman bath in Bath (which is now owned by the National Trust)

Muhammad Ali : aka A good guy in 1990 before all that Gulf War 

Chilcot statement
War can travel fast (wait until we fly hypersonic) and Blair had booked a ride on Bush's train...WMD was the red herring no-one caught. (Only carp) It was also known as Wahhabism Made Daesh ...I was going to put Wolverine Met Dazzler but no one finds Marvel in a sink hole. Marvel at that.
It's having an empathy and tolerance and an ability to enjoy freedoms that guides justice and laws...without authoritarian or religious fear. Without this binding you, you are getting close to the mindset of certain individuals and states.

Amal Clooney justice for humanity
Yazidi Genocide : International Criminal Courts

Making a U-Turn (BBC news Talking point) what was he doing in the pre world war on terror days?
Yep we had old General Musharraf here living on the Edgeware Road in 09 enjoying the view of Hyde Park after he'd stirred up a few things in Afghanistan alongside the Taliban back in the 90's. Alliances soon went haywire. Now a free man. Promoting moderation in Madrassas. Confused? should be
The Road Map = Isolationism in the 21st Century? Pitch in together & make inroads. Brits pulled out of Benghazi in June 2012. After that Cameron never visited again because he counted on Dyson & Henry hoovers which are good power vacuum's for sucking up a hung parliament.
10/1 Trump becomes President. 7/2 Hilary becomes President? One crazy radical upsetting the Republican party upsetting the whole world by getting all protectionist and I assume he's quite non-partisan. Considering he'll depart from NATO cos he's a maverick goon, become best pals with Putin, have no qualms building a wall (cos it's mostly a fence anyway) and wants to ban Cat Stevens (cos Bush did) then the Republicans may as well kiss their own Donkey Kong asses goodbye. I think they are still trying to pin the tail on the Donkey.

...plenty of other women Presidents. Maybe not the impeached Dilma Rousseff of Brazil.

Russian Poker face : FSB raided Democrats website & leaked documents to wikileaks, thus enabling confusion over presidential media power & mind over Alma mater.  
Trump advocates spying by Russians so that he can enter the next Olympics for the BS game he plays. It's working though...the more politicians took voters for granted and punished people with austerity. Never allowing a turn off events to share in quantitative easing, got close to knowing who benefitted. It's aka Politics in the doldrums. Seen from afar it's all full of arrogant elitist top level pen pushers...that's the EU for you. (I know, but Theresa May said we're all in it together...knee deep. And I've only got my wellies on)

..don't mention the Dutch ref vote to exclude Ukranian's visa's in the EU. AKA prodding the schtick

Deplorables 2  : Literally Minions of voters out there
This is before we create our own new department of the Brexit regime...full of arrogant elitist top level pen pushers. Ticking all the FTA Free Trade Agreement boxes. Sell! Sell! Sell! To China. We sold out people...and that was before Brexit. Not really Chinese investors just don't want to lose any more of their money on stock markets and want bricks and mortar investments away from an authoritarian regime.

Wimple veils for hair, Bal maidens dressed for protection from the dust and sun :  No relation to the media hoo haa of women wanting to wear Kathy Freeman style garments in the sea during the summer months. It's all part of the summer madness of men telling women what they should or shouldn't wear. (Apart from fashion designers...) 
So long as there's no equality in religious practices - women may as well be segregated & pray in a separate room. Away from the chaos of man. And I'm no feminist having to try and work that one out...

The burka band! (from the 80's)  Guess who's the on a Grand Tour

Top Gear Adventures : Small talk. Going incognito to hide their Primark purchases bought in the sales on Oxford st. Whilst one confused man Jack (who fell down and nearly broke his crown) tells the lads to man Syria of all places when you could hitch a lift in the desert no probs back in 2010. 
The rise of freedom :  Education, Jobs, Plumbing...shout, shout, let it all out these are the things I can do without. That's right become ignorant and become an electrician. At least then we can make light of not using candles. Freedom needs more light. (And basically a lot of re-wiring - be wary of the power cuts)

Jehovah witness protection programme : leave and enjoy birthday's and blood transfusions
What we really, really want...a common sense approach to life. Every child in the world is taught to dance and sing R.E.S.P.E.C.T. by Aretha Franklin.

Joseph Priestly & non segregated oxygenated air : Keeping Pluralism and Secularism alive  
Now trending Brick Lane Art Angst :  Gilbert & George Radio 4 sex, money, race & religion

Meanwhile Blair gives his money to charity (from his memoirs - A Journey) and Corbyn does all he can to make sure Labour becomes a charity...I mean seeks more clarity.  
Meanwhile frontline Kurdish YPG receive British mortar ordnance to overcome incoming small arms fire from those nasty MIB instead of sending it to Saudi...who blow up Oxfam food warehouses in Yemen. In fact Turkey outflanked them with tanks so the YPG crossed the eastern side of the Euphrates River...and the next rebooted version of The Life of Brian part 2 : Ahab The Accidental Ornithologist tourist. (Taking parrot keeping skills to a whole new level whilst living in a Whale) Literally a fish out of water...coming to a cinema soon.

Wise words by a Chaplain : And so a brill speech was ever a Comedian of sorts
And you know Jesus enjoyed Roman satire and was also a feminist. Sounds like a Quintilian cocktail and you can't emulate or get close to mans' ergo. Heaven will now accept the fist pump on entering the pearly gates...alongside George Burns.

The Great Dictator - And then as the Sun died the World became barren and inhospitable but not before the moon raced away at at a nails pace. Then all the woes of the World shall be forgotten?! Still mustn't grumble. It'll all be saved on a memory stick and we'll enjoy it all again on a few new 'earth' planets anyway. Delivered by nanotech comps via high powered lasers travelling close to the speed of light, I should warrant a guess.
Irony. God gave birth to the world? I always thought that was a woman's said Spike Milligan. Monotheism, Polytheists or Henotheists? It's all on Wikipedia...including Stereotheists it's in surround sound

So is Free Thinking and Free Association which confuses things...then you need Feng Shui not only in your home but for your mind too

Remember The Jurassic World film...
Remember it was real. We had dino pets for a few million years - then God got bored, threw a meteorite at earth and made us lot...just so that bacteria can have a home. As for Dinos becoming birds and Man going all ballistic into thine heavens, it's all Greek to me...

that's Apollo for you
NASA heroines

The divide : There is none unless you begin to separate people with your mind. Go for a walk away from the news...leave your mobile Pokemon Go at home, lay in the grass, watch the clouds go by. Give a loved one a hug...if unavailable hug a tree or a dog. 
People don't kill people violent wars do. If it was 1936 the Nazi's would have their own Myspace account. That's how crazy this world is...they should have twitter at least. I mean who uses myspace?

Love thy neighbour...? Well, you know if you have a detached house you don't have to worry about this. Love those who love you the way you'd like to be loved the way you'd like by those who love unconditionally without resorting to flicking elastic bands at each other. (eg Dogs - only if they don't bark too loud & have not marked their territory near your favourite tree)
Solid foundations to rebuild nations can't be laid until there's Peace first, then there's planning permission to go through (which takes ages).

Assets of security. Rick Rescorla
The Saudi Govt cracked down on the 9/11 conspirators and the dodgy trail of known funding accomplices were arrested and the money trail to all known salafist fundamental extremists was disbanded. The FBI & CIA are still waiting for the extradition papers on known funders.

Libraries are saved for good measure; sometimes you only read what endorses your view : 
Blairstown - The making of Friday 13th? Or maybe
Blair never bothered to read War on Iraq isbn 978-1893956385
He took solace in Sir Richard Dannatt's : Leading from the Front book and fought to read through An End to Evil : How to win the War on Terror by Richard the Axis of Evil has been successfully pre-emptively shrinking over the last twenty years in Iraq, Libya, Iran & Cuba. Basically it's the next US Presidents job to sort out Syria & N.Korea...and then finally everyone will be best pals and get on. If you believe that I've got a RollsRoyce to sell you.

Building castles in the sand : The Golden Division making headway in Iraq...toward Mosul 
Or you can hire a dvd for as little as a pound (unless you've got Netflix) Jarhead...Three Kings...The Siege...Green Zone...Babel...13 hours...A Most Wanted Man...Rendition...Zero Dark Thirty...Finding Nemo...The Hurt Locker...Rock the Kasbah...Best Defense...Lone Survivor...Lions for Lambs...Eye in the Sky...soon The Yellow BirdsOfficial Secrets & War Machine. Maybe not American Sniper though.

Renew : Federal Assault Weapon Ban. Never allow machine gun assault weapons for sale and never knowingly sell a gun to someone who's already on an FBI watch list.  
Camp Dover. Now that were all excited and getting moving out of Europe...and renegotiating the Touquet Accord. We shall prepare to parachute in Mr Bean to N. Korea to help diffuse the situation and David Attenborough will navigate his way around the coral Islands in the S. China Sea and check what wild life there is off the coast of Vietnam and the Philippines. The USA won't invade South Sudan but the hawks still saved their own skin and voted for Trump.

The voice of Theo Van Gogh : Speaks volumes
What has the 80's ever done for you? Just don't mention the Wests collusion in aiding Saddam with Chemical weapons & munitions said Rumsfeld. On the contrary; for a start there was just the Cold War and man...that was simple. And wasn't overtly complicated, contradictory or schizophrenic in any way.
The Iran Iraq war happened but I was just a kid then playing in the park wot did I know? Thankfully I was taught by Oliver North and I learnt to keep my mouth shut. No teacher was going to find out. And you won't find that on the curriculum. (Under the fifth amendment). Also there was the Afghan/Russian war...and afterwards Massoud's life and times was taught to all of the ISAF coalition force(s).

Blair : How a barrister lost his case and became a multi millionaire headcase. 
GROSS : Some people are actually offended about a £350 million quote on a coach
How does this relate to people who were offended by a 45 minute warning submitted to Parliament ?
For the best part it was never printed on a bus and no-one was fooled by it.
Greenpeace big red bus

The BBC in all least they never capitulated to the Govt spin.  
All the journalists threw their shoes at Blair and said 'Yep you made a mistake feeding us FOX news approval ratings that were likely to fool a man with two rabbits for ears' It was so tragic it was worth repeating down a warren of a multi volume 2.5million worded essay.

The World at War : Then and Now
The young Iraqi lad Ali Abbas who lost his parents and family to a US Airstrike; grew up in the UK and in his adult life sets off a missile against Daesh whilst in Tikrit. Shocked? (About the Tikrit vid) Blair is. The guy isn't wearing goggles, boots, a hard hat or a high visibility jacket. Health & Safety will have some issues.

BAE Systems & Lockheed Martin said 'I'm not the Russian Govt selling S-300 missiles to Iran. We're selling stuff like MK-80's to Saudi instead who are inflicting war crimes in Yemen.'
If Baltic Fleet Commanders don't obey Supreme Leader Snoke going for Broke Putin...why not purge the Baltic fleet?!  Best keep the most supportive Admiral's on side, now that is a coup. Before he sails down through the Channel toward the med. Currently complicit in Syrian War crimes.

The Telegraph report 
And if a few ex-servicemen lads get caught up in a fracas with India on a jumped up charge over sailing into unchartered territory then the UK Govt will do everything to bring the men home. Free the Chennai 6  on

The Fifth Element : Ocean waves, Radio waves, Sound waves, Light waves, Gravity waves...
Everything's fine no-one checks satellites now to see if Iran or N.Korea has nukes as the technology wasn't invented on checking out on Iraq's nuclear cupboard of Hans Blix mugs.

Turkey can now join the EU ? Remember the world isn't any more complicated than mixing religion with politics. And Erdogan was never in prison. All money from the Northern High Speed Rail link is now used to fund the NHS. Instead of funding the EU for 6 years...includes farm subsidies. Put that on a bus. Or Hinkley Point C who the Chinese will pay the £7 billion clean up bill. (And I won't mention Railtrack's £30 billion debt that the govt owns...or why the Bank of England buys into Apple bonds. But at least we still get to wear their watches)
Now were getting our sense of humour - all leaders of the 'Leave' campaign left. Cameron resigned cos he lost but only after he received his summer holiday pay & before the Libyan report. And Boris is the new Foreign Secretary enjoying his air miles. And I'm not even going to talk about Labour. (Please note : You can only trigger Article 50 from a Parliamentary vote...a referendum is just a guide (like the Dutch vote) who knows what the Lords will think) Don't know what the leavers think on immigration/migration now. Theresa May was the Home secretary (since 2010) in charge and in control of our her 36,347 (per yr) work permit limit of people from overseas (not including the EU labour force) never materialised because? It undermined Cameron and cost him his job cos she failed to lower the numbers, but it still got her his job. Which means sitting on the fence during Brexit paid off. Meanwhile don't forget austerity cuts never hurt schools, hospitals or council amenities...

There was a blood red moon on March 19th 2003 so said King Julian : Quick. Lets invade, before we all come to our senses!  
Blair was Invading to overthrow a dictator regardless of the USA military in all this. He was going to take him on one to one. The USA pulled out of General hawk MacArthurs obligations and Blair went in alone with a fully equipped and well re-sourced Army with the best Armoured plated vehicles in the world. British no need to borrow the US ones. And in no way would their bases be hit by Mortar rounds cos everyone loves the brits. Oh and the British Army is the best and was never on patrol tower/tier overstretch, never bought their own Body Armour and has the best 'Grand Design' housing available to it's workers and the Govt never sells off their barracks. Top quality and not lacking basic heating. And I thought the army just gave a boat load of bottled water in Basra, handed over security to a few militia's and then the USA had to sort out the mess we created. Then Geoff Hoon blamed Jack Straw (who lost the road map reconstruction plans) ; who then asked for a few quid to keep the facts around the killing of Jean charles De Menzes quiet.

Ignorance is golden. What do I know, I'm no expert... aka a Govism

Chilcot Report
All hell broke loose : Remember to claim toward your PPI Personal Protection Initiative form...
The Conservatives voted in favour of a pre-emptive interventionist invading War and demanded a referendum with a simple remit. Should we Remain or Leave Iraq? or Should we Remain or leave Libya? Remember our military G4 security is our no.1 priority and that's why we wouldn't want to lend our expertise to Saudi jails because our jails are a bit shit too.

 Camerons new job..teaching the next generation

Eyes to the right - Theresa May looking forward to her Brexit Trade Mark
The referendum should have said 'Should we leave Fracking well alone?' or 'Should we allow Fracking in National Parks?' it was never a formally proposed remit especially after the Chinese did a buy 2 for 1 Nuclear package deal.

Massoud Day : 9th September 2001 Massoud's Letter to America 1998
Y2K the declaration of the essential rights of Afghan women was signed. Afghanistan NGO's, Doctors, medicines, teachers, education, jobs, farming hemp

A New Enlightenment?
Yes...will a new 40watt bulb do? So long as we have electricity and a dimmer switch

Having a handle on the situation  
Over spill. No terrorist organisation existed in Iraq before the invasion. Wonder what the school reports were like on these terrorists and warmongers...obviously detention wasn't good enough. School reunions would be quite a talking point though.

Robin Cook was on Bakeoff, he won on BBC1. Everyone else baked the wrong buns.
No refugees from Iraq ever materialised or actually happened in Jordan. And Nouri Al Maliki had a govt of reconciliation just like S.Africa. Don't forget to form the Iraq National Guard force too before anyone takes the fight along sectarian grounds...lets keep optimistic.

REDACTION : Campbell soup dragon. Never trust a workaholic media man to the PM advising on publishing The Radio Times & allegedly editing some Bake Off wording to make it more conclusive for Ch4, who has depression and is a former alcoholic (yawn) 15 years previously. (Any Doctor would have signed him off work...just ask his wife) Stuff happens as Rumsfeld said.
The same situation lacks clarity in Syria but don't tell that to a manic depressive high on alcohol. Yep that's Winston Churchill with a paint brush in his hand and he should know. At least he won a f******* war...! (with the Yanks help of course & don't forget the Russian part) And he was in the military so he should know a thing or two.

Millions marched against the use of aggression. How many rounds does the world want? We're still stood at the bar, who's paying for the tab and will someone arrest the accountant.
Things we learnt from & in 2002. Londoners were concerned at the time they were about to get a new Congestion charge. I'm just stating a fact. Extreme ideologies was voting Conservative instead of Labour...or changing your diet to vegan instead of vegetarian. (This was forced on you by going to Glastonbury festival). Giving up smoking was sacrilegious (who knew E cigarettes would be all the rage). Equality for women operated only in the workplace. Oddly politicians would find feminism didn't travel very well in the Middle East/and/or Arabia. Satire was rated rather highly as a pastime and freedom of expression was universally a given. (Until the internet spoilt everything or did it?) Comedy was mainly adopted/exported by countries who can laugh at themselves and can understand jokes (from a cracker). The Honour System was just some elite pat on the back and not meant as a stab in the back of a family member. The only Martyrs the UK had ever heard about was the Tolpuddle Martyrs. And they ended up in Australia. (Which is a damn good holiday destination) Grooming was something your local barber your hair. (Included Horses & Dogs) Torture was being stuck in a traffic jam on the M25 on bank holidays. The only man with a hook...ever, was Captain Hook and he used to be in a story book. Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate bar used to be brilliantly chunky, collateral damage was just an Arnold Schwarzenegger film and no-one thought of using farmed seaweed as carbon capture. The tech bubble had recently burst and nothing to do with the internet was worth investing in. And to top it all Kinder eggs had cool parts inside and didn't cost £2.

Changes : Saudi children learn about people who buy their oil & Saudi Art speaks
And all Arabian, Middle East and N. African States now teach their kids about multiculturalism, inter faith marriage, freedom of choice, gender equality, philosophy, music, women's rights...

Change minds and act peacefully. Non-violence is the best state of mind to be in.
Saddam was found in a hole in 2003. He was the only WMD they found. Everyone forgot to sign a ceasefire treaty because Blair & Bush were busy playing along to the James Brown song Payback at the Hague trial.
The Gulf War syndrome - secret casualties of old abandoned chemical weapons

If no-one trusts their own leaders & politicians, who do you trust to put the World to rights? Zippy Bungle and Fred.
Assad used to have a moderate secular kind of modern Damascus town and people could go on holiday there. (Whilst ignoring his funding of a few insurgency's in Iraq) Even closed Tadmar prison for a bit. Also has a Baa'thist party - all sounds familiar territory. Is Aleppo and other towns Hama time again? His Dad kicked out the Muslim Brotherhood there in 82. Someone learnt to create a Sunni uprising this time and then IS happened. And everyone bought oil off 'em. Now he and everyone else is a WMD. It's catching. His barrel bombs aren't accurate enough so he asked for more Russian authoritarian help to fill them. If he was anything like Saddam; Blair (not that he's been in power since 07) would let him still keep hold of his regime so long as no chemical weapons (ie Mustard Gas) were found by the UN inspectors in 2013. There the world's responsibilities ended. That decision was either conducted through misdirection or was it all an illusion?

Now there's loads of history unfolding for all to see

Keeping an Eye on domestic affairs.  Beesho guy in London.
How come Dictators have hard liner Mothers?

 one year in office & in ten years?
  woe betide the hand that rocks the cradle
GTFO : Something politicians have been shouting the loudest to the International Criminal Court.
It bypassed any notion to defend Syrian civilians with safe havens and a no-fly zone over the last couple of years. That could have been a viable option then yet the decision has exacerbated the refugee crisis, not least from the continuation of the 'proxy War itself.

Tammam Azzam speaks volumes
Aleppo. End the sieges. Before the Rules of Engagement change...if there were any to begin with. Time for another Yemen too. Obama still needs a diplomatic coup before he leaves office.  

'The time is ripe for abandoning views on foreign policy which are influenced by an imperial standpoint. Neither the Soviet Union nor the USA is able to force its will on others. It is impossible to suppress, compel, bribe, break or blast, but only for a certain period. From the point of view of long-term big time politics, no one will be able to subordinate others. That is why only one thing - relations of equality - remains. All of us must realise this...This also obliges us to respect one another and everybody.'

Gorbachev speaking in 1987

A few years before he was interrupted on his holidays in Crimea...

Murky old accord to navigate ain't it. Here endeth colliding circles of twit twooo

Friday, 7 October 2016

Society! Society! Society!

Society! Society! Society! What society does we individuals?

'There is no such thing as Society' said Margaret Thatcher who culled the Miners (because they were not environmentally friendly), killed off manufacturing and the Belgrano then imposed a Poll Tax on individuals. Don't let that argument fool you she was played by Meryl Streep in a film, appeared in a Bond movie and her clothes were in the V&A. She was infamous once, twice..three times the Iron Lady.

'I want to create a Classless Society' said John Major. Thinking If only we could run the economy as well as he won the first Gulf War we'll leave the ERM and forget the troubles in Bosnia. Don't let that argument fool you, he liked his eggs hardboiled and was only the Chancellor of the Exchequer before becoming PM. (Sets trending now don't it)

'Britain is a compassionate Society' said Tony Blair who brokered the Good Friday agreement, had a tendency to go to War often even if it was a bit dodgy. Was kind of religious, a Europhile, had a huge ego, was a bit vain but don't let that argument fool you. He was only a barrister after all. (He may yet make a comeback to clear his name - he'll forever say he won a second term)

'Seize the moment and lets build a Global Society' said Gordon Brown who sorted out the global banking crisis for a bit at the G20 (after spending like heck as Chancellor), oversaw the UK delaying tactics in the 'five tests' before any initiative to join the Euro. Wanted to help the poor of the country until he called someone a bigot. But don't let that fool you he argued for the Scots Union in 2014 and he don't take a PM pension unlike TB.

'I aim to build an Inclusive Big Society' said David Cameron after dragging the Liberals along announcing many cuts to public services, selling off London property to Russian Oligarchs, Britain to China, making Libya a safe haven for Daesh & arrogantly heading toward a Brexit. Don't let that argument fool you he was Eton educated and also a millionaire. Modern day selfie anyone?

'Our Society should work for everyone' said Theresa May. Announcing plans for us to buy shares in ourselves so that society reaps the dividends. Profits r' us...end of austerity but not the debt to society. But don't let misuses of migrants as bargaining chips with no means tested parochial argument fool you. She has great taste in footwear so were in safe hands.

March hare triggers article 50 ready for April fools day
As Italy's banks collapse and Germany can't bail anyone out May rolls up her sleeves and floors Junker...a bit like the 'hand bags at dawn' KO with UKIP MEP's.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Rosetta last image

  • Title Rosetta's last image
  • Released 30/09/2016 1:48 pm
  • DescriptionUPDATED
    Rosetta's last image of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, taken with the OSIRIS wide-angle camera shortly before impact, at an estimated altitude of about 20 m above the surface.
    The initially reported 51 m was based on the predicted impact time. Now that this has been confirmed, and following additional information and timeline reconstruction, the estimated distance is now thought to be around 20 metres, and analysis is ongoing
    The image scale is about 5 mm/pixel and the image measures about 2.4 m across.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

23 ending seasons of summer cheer

#tv Summer endeth...
Andy Murray won Wimbledon
Serena Williams won Wimbledon
Hamilton won Silverstone
Tim Peake came down to earth inspiring a new generation & his referendum postal vote has just got in. But he was just a floating voter haha
Chris Froome won the Tour da France...again :)
Juno got to Jupiter and it tells us the storm is really big

Wales got to the semi finals in the Euro's, Gareth Bale is a new national hero
Solar plexus plane landed. I mean the Solar Impulse plane completed round the world trip
The new Tate modern building opened...paid for by those people who never bothered voting in the referendum. They were fined £10 each which helped pay for it.
Cornlia Parker Psycho Barn :
Vicky Balch is a stunning survivor...and a new Victoria's Secret model.
Finding Dory?...but I can't remember who she is or what it is about
Star wars VIII has recently finished filming
Alien Covenant has recently finished filming
The Cursed Child...I saw the play by taking out a £3,000 loan. Then I found out the book was selling at half price for £10. Bargain
The Living and the Dead - spooky goings on
Rio Olympics : Super Saturday II & Sensational Sunday ! Max whitlock, Lewis Smith, Mo Farah, Justin Rose, Andy Marray, Jessica Ennis, Jason Kenny, Usain Bolt & the 400m record
Christ the Redeemer
Bradley Wiggins
Laura Trott
Simone Biles
Michael Phelps - 23 GOLDS
Helen Skelton (not only did she have to cover up but also all the swimmers..)

Now no news lighten the load

The drugs didn't work? Included Kenyan and Russian athletes. Highlights the fact no-one has heard of energy drinks.

Liquid gravity
Who would of thought bottles of water could be so much fun?

National Treasure train spotter
Corbyn steps down this weekend with humility and is offered a fashion icon stint with Sports Direct that his fan club buys shares in. He may not have bothered to sit in an empty seat on a train...but at least Virgin trains are more popular.

Carbon free paper
Brexit means by 2020 farmers subsidies will end. Allows thousands of farms to be overrun by un-vaccinated Badgers who aren't swayed by environmental issues cos that department doesn't exist anymore.
Greenpeace energy funding in a new govt

Shipping Waves
China and Russia head out for joint ops in the S China Sea. Britain is Warship ready with boats at port cos the engines don't like warm weather. Proves we are the rulers of the waves : well, not so much of the sea variety more Airwaves. Our Pop, Rock & Indie bands are proof of that. National Anthem should be Land of Hope and Glory...

Theresa May Selling off the National Grid : 51 percent stake in Britain
Hinkley C got the'll probably bust up EDF but we won't offer up a British Nuclear blueprint that is any better - one that does not involve the Chinese. (Not including possibility of S. Korea building one in Cumbria but at least their nukes don't point at us and aren't rude to our ambassador...) Still at least you can get high engineering standards from China rather than a design as yet untested. (Plus lots of steel too)

Australia & USA welcome Chinese Nuclear power on their soil. True or false?
Otherwise we'll use a giant windmill and geothermal vents (powered by hot air from the EU and the Republican President nominee)

Dishing out broken shells of the free press
Apparantly Turkey Roast is off the menu this Christmas? Now that really would cause a National coup